My dream is to write one single true sentence… A sentence that makes you feel something.

I hope you find some of these posts interesting, or funny, to read… And I hope you find one sentence that moves you.

Please, go read some posts!

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Oh, You’re still here!? OK, here’s some more “about” stuff I guess…

This website has a compilation of posts I’ve written in different places. Some posts come from my facebook, some from my tumblr, other posts are collected tweets from my defunct twitter account, and the oldest ones come from my old OLD blogger blog. Eventually I would like to include stuff from physical notebooks I have been carrying for a while.

I write in Spanish some days, and in English other days. It’s the by-product of growing up in the public education system of a colonized island. I will try, in the (far?) future, to translate all the posts so all of them are available in both languages. But, to do so in such a way that the words are translated but the feelings remain the same. Posts will have the date when I originally wrote them, or the date of the translation, whichever comes later.

Hopefully, in the very near future there will be new write-ups, or stuff that I have never posted online.

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