broken face
Vitaliy Zalishchyker, Unsplash

Your body breaks.

Your heart breaks.

Your spirit breaks.

Your mind breaks.

And that’s a funny one cuz you think to yourself, “I’ll die old and wise!”

But that’s not what happens. Material deterioration happens in your brain too. And your mind breaks. And every breaking part of you helps the process along.

Until you’re just a collection of breaking pieces. You look like a whole thing but you aren’t. Not really.

And people, if they want you, they want a whole you. Greedy little bastards that they are; they want the whole of you.

Nobody wants a broken thing.

But that same brokenness is the very thing that allows you to fit in the hole in their lives so well. So neatly that it seems you were the perfect fit all along.

And after they see real close, they see you aren’t whole but broken. When they see you can’t be glued back together. You can’t be fixed. And you really didn’t fit.

You will fall out. Break again.