Utapau Woman…

busy street circa 1964
blizzy63, Public domain

I had a movie-like dream, complete with title credits. The dream had film grain, it wasn’t like I was living the dream and more like I was watching it.

One of the credits read Utapau Woman (and a name I don’t remember) below it. The movie/dream was about some boy in Chicago whose parents were torn between moving to New York or California.

His dad wanted to move to New York and better jobs. But his mother wanted to move to California because of beaches. The mother takes the boys (the boy had brothers) to a lake where there is a decommissioned submarine. They jump off the submarine’s deck into the lake. Afterwards the boy escapes from home because he is sick of his parents fighting. He gets lost in Chicago city proper and receives help from the “Utapau woman”.

I didn’t dream the end of the movie apparently; or don’t remember it. The title credits were yellow, just like old TV movies.