Flash tee…

flash logo boobs
Oliver Ayala, CC-BY 2.0

The cashier at the kwik-mart had a tee with The Flash’s logo. The one where the logo is fake faded and has sports-uniform like stripes in the sleeves. Of course I noticed, and when it was my turn to pay I couldn’t dare speak to her without looking at her; you know how I tend to speak to people without looking at them? I don’t do it to be disrespectful. I’m just naturally shy unless I have something I want to say. Shy unless I really want something. I managed to say, “I like your shirt”. Not looking at her.

I don’t remember what she said. I paid and left. A couple of weeks passed by, so I kinda forgot about it. Too much was happening at work. My daughter went to live in another state. My mind was divided.

Then a week or so ago after that, the same girl was wearing an Iron Man tee…

I looked at her —

You know when you are at the beach up to your waist in seawater? And the waves are all kinda small, you feel them rolling by like, really softly. And then out of nowhere comes this huge forceful wave and suddenly you’re taken aback and toppling over yourself and suddenly your eyes are full of stinging seawater and you’re half gasping for air… You know that feeling?

— I really looked at her… And the wave hit me.

She looked just like you. Same body type. Big imposing boobs. Angelic chubby arms. The lips. Soft round moist lips…

Bit skinnier. Bit younger. Somehow my wish of meeting you before I ever met you, before the stuff that made you not trust me, came true.

“I can’t come back to this place ever again.” was my thought.

And then it was my turn to pay up and the old hunting instincts activated. Charm on; full blast.

I decided to look her in the eyes this time. Speak clearly and look her in the eyes. Make that tongue work its way into her brain.

“I like your shirt.”, I said.

She was all smiles back at me and said, “Again?” She obviously remembered me from weeks before. I said, “Well, The Flash is my favorite but I like that one too.”

“Are you a gamer… or?”, she asked.

I said, “Yeah, videogames, movies, comics, all that stuff!”, I paid up and left.

My mind raced. She obviously remembered me. She looks like you. There may be some shared interests…

Wait, wait wait! “What the fuck are you doing?”, I yelled/asked at myself, “Don’t make the same mistake twice!”

I corrected myself mentally, you were never a mistake.

“Well then buddy, you wanna make another girl’s life miserable? That’s all you’re good for!”

I conceded. I had to concede.


But of course I did. Of course I did. And when I saw that girl again I gave her my number.

But she never called me.

She dodged that bullet

Thank god